Buddist / Taoist

NV Honour (Buddhist / Taoist) 3 days 2 nights Nirvana funeral service package

Reporting Death & Obtaining Burial Clearance / Permit
Majestic Altar
Light Refreshment
Burial Casket
Cremation Casket & Urn
Buddhist / Taoist Prayer Service
3 Days 2 Night Offering To The Deceased (Fruits & Vegetarian)
Longevity Costume
Mourning Garments
Professional Handcrafted Paper Model with Decorative Lights(1 set)
Joss Sticks & Prayer Materials(1 set)
Confectionery Gifts
Cremation or Burial Ceremony
Professional Music Band
Use of Air-Cond Bus for Funeral Procession (1 unit, 40 seats)

Package Details

NV Honour Funeral Services Package, Original Price RM43,700
Pre-need Promotion RM31,780
As-need RM43,700

NV Elegant Funeral Services Package, Original Price RM30,700
Pre-need Promotion RM24,480
As-need RM30,700

NV Hamony Funeral Services Package, Original Price RM18,800
Pre-need Promotion RM16,680
As-need RM18,800

Subject to availability with terms & condition apply

* White Ladies service is available in Klang Valley only.
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